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Flowchart - Visualize your workflow and processes

The flowchart helps to understand the different steps involved in an activity. Graphically representation of the steps of the process in sequential order. This gives more clarity to perform the activity. Every project has its elements. The flowchart depicts the process in pictorial form that aids to understand the interrelationship of the activity ensures good communication and suggestions. In the nutshell, the flowchart facilitates analyzing the process in detail by using different shapes like parallelogram, diamond, oval, etc. These shapes build a clear picture of the process that turns to get suggestions for improvisation.


Here is an example of flowchart.



Need of Flowchart


1. Simplified Communication

Flowchart programming engages whole groups to team up as they make, alter, and dissect flowcharts. Notwithstanding document and screen sharing devices, numerous applications incorporate hearty remarking and note-taking provisions that assist clients with associating with one another without evolving screens.

As well as working on the correspondence between representatives as they make and update flowcharts, the actual charts can further develop correspondence of cycles and work processes, particularly when a current interaction is being refreshed or refined.

For example, fabricating representatives can follow a flowchart while setting up machines. Similarly, software engineers can undoubtedly follow their creative work process when it's in a visual configuration.


2. Build Clear Picture

Composed records can give many insights into your organization's inner cycles and constructions. In any case, individuals frequently can't invest the vital energy perusing and interpreting confounded archives and work guidelines. Flowcharts can carry clearness to ideas that are generally hard to comprehend.

At the point when you're furnished with the right flowchart program, you can not just rapidly make visual portrayals of intricate frameworks yet additionally interface different charts together. In this manner, individuals can undoubtedly investigate and comprehend different cycles, how they communicate, and their successions.

The visual clearness of flowcharts makes it feasible for everybody to explore muddled, interrelated frameworks. Maybe than filtering through heaps of administrative work, individuals can undoubtedly distinguish focal points initially.

Essentially, a hierarchical graph can help you and your supervisory group characterize the job of each worker and division inside your association. Initially, individuals can see who reports to a specific chief and, besides, how-to course issues for a goal.

Flowchart components make examination simple. For example, an adjusted square shape commonly means an interaction's introduction or end. In the interim, a square ordinarily addresses activity. Various images can imply whether a cycle is put away either electronically or on paper. Your flowchart programming will help you and your group rapidly find the right images to put in each segment of your outlines.


3. Easy to analyze

The graphs that you make with flowcharts can assist you with outwardly distinguishing issues. For example, by auditing your hierarchical graph, you may find that a few workers report to various chiefs. Accordingly, you can redesign your business to further develop responsibility. An interaction flowchart can feature functional bottlenecks and regions for development.

Also, by outwardly auditing their work, developers can uncover outlandish successions that can make shortcomings and bugs. After distinguishing a possible issue, developers can know in which places they need to alter their code.


4. Troubleshooting

By making a visual portrayal of an issue and its potential goals, you will regularly comprehend it better. Besides, by welcoming cooperation, different partners can add to the graph with the goal that you can get an exhaustive perspective on the issue. Likewise, by cooperating to dissect the issue, you'll get an opportunity to conceptualize arrangements.

While participating in critical thinking, flowcharting separates an issue into obvious parts. Flowcharts can assist you with ensuring that you incorporate all accessible data that relates to a specific matter. Generally, you can see whether you've overlooked from your thought any fundamental data sources, activities, or choices.


5. Pictorial Record:

Many individuals learn preferably outwardly over what they do by perusing. Flowcharts might demonstrate helpful for improving on in any case troublesome methodology. For instance, your HR division can foster flowcharts that clarify the onboarding system for fresh recruits. You can likewise furnish your representatives with documentation as flowcharts. For example, you can outfit them with visual techniques for mentioning downtime or changing situations inside your association.

By making customer-facing documentation for your items and administrations in a flowchart structure, you can assist your clients with learning and utilizing the things they've purchased. Therefore, your clients might feel happier with your business because of their buys.

Indeed, you can make flowcharts that record the appropriate way of finishing each business-related assignment in which your business locks in. Eventually, by delivering simple-to-follow documentation for your representatives and clients, you can decrease preparing necessities, normalize techniques, increment fulfillment, and further develop proficiency.


Types of Flowchart


1. Process

Process flow diagram or cycle planning can help rapidly clarify how something finishes in your association. Now and then, these kinds of flowcharts utilize a standard language or documentation, similar to Business Process Modeling and Notation. Utilize a cycle planning graph to:

  • Guide out jobs and obligations inside an association to acquire lucidity.
  • Depict the assembling system or sources of info that go into making a completed product.
  • Draw up a proposition for another interaction or task to comprehend its extension and steps.
  • Show how you get up toward the beginning of the day, as displayed beneath.


2. Work Flow Chart

See How Data and Documents Flow Within Your Organization

A work process outline shows how a business or cycle capacities. The underneath model represents the means needed for a likely client to recharge a strategy through an organization site. This kind of work process outline can be utilized to:

  • Train new workers
  • Find potential pain points
  • Make or sort out your group around another standard working system
  • Explain business activities by showing an undeniable level outline


3. Swimlane Flowchart

The swimlane flowchart proves to be useful when you need to show various progressions of data one next to the other. It helps to portray how separate departments, processes, or employees interact. Swimlane graphs may sound truly like a work process outline, yet the key here is that it permits you to make various classifications where movement happens.

A swimlane flowchart or chart is incredible for archiving an entire cycle that cooperates with various fragments of an association or requires a coordinated effort among various groups. The beneath model shows how an inside confronting office runs corresponding with an outer confronting one and at what times in the process they cooperate.

More confounded charts could incorporate five, six, or much more swimlanes, as for every office inside an association or every job in a cross-useful group. The objective of swimlanes is to explain and improve on a flowchart, however, so try not to add an excessive number of paths and keep things straightforward!


4. Data Flowchart

Data Flowchart checks where data flows in and out of an information system with a Data Flow Diagram. An information flowchart or information stream chart shows how information is prepared. It proves to be useful when you need to plan or examine a framework. Albeit frequently utilized for programming advancement and plan, it very well may be utilized to investigate any kind of data stream, similar to how data travels through a business. The beneath model shows a regular deals channel. For this situation, the "information" is shopper conduct.


How flowchart is helpful for Different Industries?


Flow charts are helpful for all industries. The flowchart is available in different types for different purposes, yet the intent has to focus on presenting the information in visual form and ensuring a detailed view of the given information. In any field, stream charts or flowcharts archive a cycle and enable their clients to examine or upgrade that interaction. They additionally make it simpler for new representatives or clients to comprehend the cycle as they learn. This implies that having clear documentation is a vital way of expanding group efficiency.


Flowchart effective for Programmers

As a visual portrayal of information stream, flowcharts are valuable recorded as a hard copy of a program or calculation and disclosing it to other people or working together with them on it. You can utilize a calculation flowchart to illuminate the rationale behind a program before truly beginning to code the mechanized cycle. It can assist with getting sorted out 10,000-foot view thinking and give an aide when it comes time to code. All the more explicitly, flowcharts can:

  • Exhibit how code is coordinated.
  • Imagine the execution of code inside a program.
  • Show the construction of a site or application.
  • See how clients explore a site or program.

Regularly, software engineers might compose pseudo code, a mix of normal language and coding ready to be perused by individuals. This might permit more subtlety than the flowchart and serve either as a trade for the flowchart or as a subsequent stage to genuine code.


Flowchart effective for Sales and Marketing

A flow diagram is characterized as the documentation and graphical portrayal of basically everything steps expected to finish a set measure of advertising assignments. These flow outlines would then be able to be utilized to recognize explicit promoting measures open for development or monotonous exercises that can be mechanized.

  • Plot out the progression of a review.
  • Graph a business interaction.
  • Plan research procedures.
  • Show enlistment streams.
  • Disperse correspondence strategies, similar to a crisis PR plan.


Flowchart effective for Manufacturing

In manufacturing measures, the stream diagram is frequently the initial phase in planning a cycle, then, at that point, when the interaction has been set up, the flow chart is applied as a component of cycle improvement, issue examination, and staff preparing endeavors. Assembling measures are appropriate for investigation through flow diagrams, because of the predictable, coherent, straight progression of such cycles, with standard working directions, characterized choice focuses, and explicit sources of info and yields.

  • Show the fixings, synthetic substances, or different data sources that go into the formation of an item.
  • Represent the assembling system to show conditions and bottlenecks.
  • Make a reliable quality confirmation or assessment measure.


Flowchart effective for Business Operation

A process flowchart is a graphical portrayal of a business cycle through a flowchart. It's utilized as a method for getting a hierarchical comprehension of how interaction functions, what steps it comprises, what occasions change results, etc. Graphical representation of your tasks will assist your group with performing. A flow diagram can:

  • Help installed workers by depicting errands or schedules
  • Archive request and satisfaction measures
  • Depict a project and distinguish achievements for its fulfillment
  • Comprehend the ways that clients take on a site or in a store.
  • Foster a strategy or item acknowledgment plan.
  • Record an interaction in anticipation of a review, including for administrative consistency, for example, under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Report an interaction in anticipation of a deal or solidification.


Flow chart effective for Engineers & Programmers

Flow graphs are straightforward charts that show how the means of interaction fit together. American specialist Frank Gilbreth is generally accepted to be the primary individual to record a cycle stream, having presented the idea of a "Process Chart" to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1921. These graphs can depict exceptionally specialized data in a more clear manner. While coding or working in programming, graphs can:

  • Show how clients explore a page or utilize an application
  • Depict how code is organized or coordinated
  • Clarify the progression of information through a framework or a program
  • Graphical representation of an algorithm,
  • Address measure streams or framework streams.
  • Plan and update compound and plant measures.
  • Evaluate the existence pattern of a design.
  • Graph a reverse. Engineering flow
  • Exhibit the plan and model period of another construction or item.


Flowchart in Education

Flowcharts in the school are graphical portrayals of learners' reasoning cycles. It permits learners to chalk out their thoughts and musings in a legitimate and coordinated manner, allowing them to return and consider it.

  • Plan coursework and scholarly prerequisites.
  • Make an illustration plan or oral show.
  • Coordinate a gathering or individual venture.
  • Show a legitimate or common interaction, similar to citizen enlistment.
  • Plan and construction experimental writing, similar to verses or verse.
  • Exhibit character improvement for writing and film.
  • Address the progression of calculations or rationale puzzles.
  • Comprehend a logical interaction, similar to the Krebs cycle.
  • Diagram a physical interaction, like absorption.
  • Guide out manifestations and treatment for illnesses/messes.
  • Impart speculations and hypotheses, similar to Maslow's progressive system of necessities.

The flow chart is not limited to the above-listed industries. It has a wide panorama. These charts have many utilizations in numerous different fields in different ways like Report and investigate a cycle, normalize an interaction for proficiency and quality, impart an interaction for preparing or comprehension by different pieces of the association, distinguish bottlenecks, redundancies, and pointless strides in a cycle and further develop it.


Guide to create flowchart online with Lekh Board

Creating flowchart in Lekh Board is super easy. Open or create a board file then you can keep adding shapes and connect them. Double click anywhere on the canvas to add text. To add shapes you have these options:

  • Use intelligent mode to draw shapes and let Lekh Board convert your rough drawings into regular shapes. For example, you can draw diamond or rectangle shapes with your touchpad then Lekh Board will convert them into regular shapes.
  • Use the shape library. The shape library has a huge number of shapes including flowchart shapes. Please drag shapes from the library to the canvas.
  • To connect, please draw the connection in smart mode. The Lekh Board will recognize your drawings and will convert the rough connection into a regular one.


Benefits of creating flowchart in Lekh Board


Cloud storage

Your flowcharts are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere and any device. You can create a flowchart in your laptop and can access and edit further the same flowchart in your phone and tablets.


Online Collaboration

Multiple users can work on a flowchart at same time. Their drawings are synced to each other in real time. This makes the Lekh Board a perfect tool for real time collaboration.


Presentable & Shareable

At the point when you are prepared for input from other colleagues, Lekh Board allows you to effectively share your internet-based flowcharts. Associates can add remarks, visit continuously, make alters, and work together to finish the chart. At the point when the flowchart is prepared, create a shareable URL, or download your chart as a PDF, JPEG, or PNG. Since changes sync consequently, you and your group will consistently approach the most recent form of the record regardless of where it's distributed.


Sample Flowchart