Intelligent Collaborative

A collaborative whiteboard which recognizes your drawings and converts your rough drawings into regular shapes like circles, rectangles, curves and much more

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Visualize your ideas and concepts effortlessly

The Lekh Board has best in class artificial intelligence to recognize your basic shapes and connection lines. You can draw naturally rough shapes and keep your focus on your ideas and concepts. Let Lekh Board convert your natural rough drawings into regular shapes and connections.

Real time collaboration

Multiple users can open a single board and can draw together. Their drawings are synced to each other in real time. This provides a perfect tool for real time whiteboarding.

Draw all kinds of diagrams and illustrations

Lekh Board has a rich shape library which provides a huge set of icons and shapes. Using the shape library you can draw block diagrams, UML, flowcharts, network diagrams, org charts etc.

Rapid UI wireframing

Lekh Board provides a toolkit for rapid UI wireframe creation. Drag drop wireframe shapes and configure their attributes and get a wireframe for a screen in a few minutes.

Tap into the power of intelligent
diagramming with Lekh.