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The ultimate diagramming and whiteboarding app for touch devices. Create, collaborate, and communicate effortlessly.

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Designed for Touch

Lekh App provides the most intuitive way to create diagrams on your phone or tablet. With our intelligent sketch recognition, you can draw shapes and connections with ease, transforming your rough sketches into polished diagrams instantly.

  • Smart Sketching: Convert rough sketches into precise shapes and lines
  • Natural Interaction: : Use your fingers or stylus for seamless drawing
  • Shape Library: Access a wide range of shapes for flowcharts, data flows, UML, and more

Collaborate in Real-Time

Work Together, Anytime, Anywhere!

Collaborate with your team in real-time, no matter where you are. Lekh App ensures that your diagrams are synced instantly, allowing for seamless teamwork and communication.

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Work on diagrams simultaneously with your team
  • Instant Syncing: : Keep everyone on the same page with automatic updates
  • Shared Canvas: Combine ideas and inputs from multiple users in one space

Powerful Yet Simple

Professional Diagrams Made Simple

Lekh App combines powerful diagramming capabilities with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to create professional diagrams.

  • Cross platform: Lekh is a cross platform app. It is available as an iOS app, Android app, Mac app and Web app. Lekh also runs beautifully in web browsers which enables it to work on Windows and Linux OS as well.
  • Draw professional diagrams : Using Lekh you can draw all kinds of professional diagrams for example: UML, Flowchart, Network Diagram, Block diagram, Org chart, Data flow Diagram, BPMN, Archimate, Cloud Architecture, Use case diagram, UI Wireframing etc.
  • Export Options: Save your diagrams in various formats, including PDF, PNG, JPG, and SVG
  • Online and Offline mode: Lekh runs in both online and offline mode. No need to worry if you are not connected to the internet for example while traveling.

Trusted by Professionals Across Globe

Why Professionals Choose Lekh App

Discover why business analysts, product managers, and software developers rely on Lekh App for their diagramming needs.

  • Pim Geomini, Play Store User: I love this app. Unbelievable how well you can draw diagrams. Changes are directly transported to the server. I looked for this kind of tool so long.
  • Ameyalli De Leon, Play Store User: I am an engineering student, and it is excellent for my notes where I need diagrams, figures (it transforms “scribbles“ into shapes like circles, straight lines, etc.), it has different brushes with different lines, it allows you to play with the thickness, etc.
  • Allan Haggett, Play Store User: Great app. I have tried many. For creating vector graphics, this app is so well done and easy to use.
  • King Leonigas, App Store User: his helped me create exactly what I needed. It’s not hard to use, It works fine, it looks good. Does the job right.
  • Andrew, App Store User: Helped me with my project in a pinch. Amazing app.
  • Zogger1692, App Store User: It is one of best tools. I use it frequently for work and university lectures. I actually bought the iPad just to run this application - haven't seen anything better on the market.
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