Boost Product Management & Business Analysis with the Power Of Diagramming

  • Learn diagramming concepts from industry expert
  • Limited seats for each session
  • Upcoming Sessions: 9 June, Sunday 11 AM IST

Why learn diagramming?

Failing to master diagramming could significantly impede your career progression as a business analyst or product manager. Based on our research, here are the enhancements you can achieve by effectively incorporating diagrams into your documents.

  • Enhanced Comprehension: Diagrams such as process flows and data flows can accelerate understanding of complex topics by up to 50%.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Professionally crafted diagrams can reduce misinterpretation in communication by up to 80%.
  • Streamlined Decision Making: Utilizing diagrams can expedite decision-making by up to 40% through clear and concise communication among stakeholders.
  • Early Issue Detection: Well-constructed diagrams facilitate the early identification of product or process issues up to 60% of at the project's outset.

Why learn from us?

  • We are the makers of Lekh App which is a diagramming app which runs on iOS, Android and web.
  • We have the expertise in the field of diagramming.
  • This is a rare opportunity to learn diagramming from the developers of a diagramming app.
  • We have already trained a lot of business analysts and product managers who are now diagramming pro
  • Community engagement: You will become part of our growing community and get help from the community whenever you have any doubt.

What will you learn?

  • You'll learn all the essential diagrams crucial for effective business analysis and product management.
  • We'll explore the rationale and applications for using a range of diagrams, such as system architecture, use case, ERD, state chart, process flow, data flow, stakeholder map, and more.
  • Visualize complex business processes by process flow diagrams.

Limited seats for each session

  • We only accommodate a limited number of participants in each session
  • Register and grab your seat as soon you can
Ready to harness the power of diagramming?