Lekh Diagram for Atlassian Confluence

Lekh Diagram is an intelligent diagramming and whiteboarding app. With Confluence integration you can create and edit diagrams inside confluence wiki with powerful features of Lekh Diagram. The Lekh Diagram also runs independently as a web app and mobile app. You can create block diagrams, flow charts, network diagrams, UML, UI Wireframes etc with Lekh Diagrams.

Please follow the main help for understanding the drawing features of Lekh Diagram. Please note that the main help is written for the Lekh diagram running independently as a web app. But almost all the concepts will apply for Atlassian integration as well.


Here is the app page on Atlassian marketplace

To install the Lekh Diagram into your Confluence instance, please follow the instructions on Atlassian marketplace here

How to use Lekh Diagram for Confluence

Creating new diagram

While editing the confluence page type /lekh and it will prompt you to insert a diagram. Alternatively you can also use the insert menu (+v) from the top of the page to insert Lekh Diagram. It will prompt you to enter a name, please enter the name to continue.

Editing diagrams

While in edit mode, select the diagram and then you will get a pen icon. Click the pen icon to edit the diagram.

Adding shapes

You can add shapes in three ways onto the canvas:

  • Smart mode: In this mode you can draw shapes and connection lines as if you draw on a piece of paper. The Lekh Diagram will convert your rough drawings into regular shapes and connections.
  • Scribble mode: This is a whiteboarding mode. In this mode you can draw freely anything as if you draw on a whiteboard.
  • Shape library: You can drag drop shapes from the shape library onto the canvas.

Adding Text

Double click anywhere on the canvas to add text.

Operating modes:

You can choose the mode by clicking menu item from left sidebar menu. These are modes supported by Lekh Diagram

  • Smart draw: In this mode, shapes will be recognized.
  • Draw mode: This is whiteboarding mode.
  • Erase: with this mode you can erase shapes from the canvas. You can also erase shapes by selecting and deleting them in select mode.
  • Move: You can scroll the canvas in this mode by dragging on the screen.
  • Select: You can select shapes in this mode.
  • Text: If you select text mode, then you can add text anywhere by clicking. Text can be added in other modes by just double clicking.

Where are my diagrams stored?

Your diagrams are stored in the Confluence cloud as attachments to the confluence page. They are not transmitted outside of Confluence.

How can I use my iPad, Android tablets or other mobile devices to edit diagrams?

To utilize the maximum power of the Lekh Diagram, it is recommended to use touch screens. If your laptop does not have touch screens then you can still be able to use your mobile devices to edit diagrams. You need to do followings

  • Create a Lekh Cloud account. You can create the account from the mobile app or from the browsers.
    • For browsers visit https://docs.lekh.app You will get various sign in options.
    • Download our Android app or the iOS app and from the app sign up and sign in.
    • You have the option to use username and password for sign up. You can also directly login without sign up if you login using Google or login using email (magic link)
  • Once you are logged in, create and edit diagrams in the mobile app. Please make sure to create your diagrams in the Lekh Cloud. The mobile apps also allow you to create diagrams on the device itself but to easily import your diagrams into confluence, you need to create your diagrams in Lekh Cloud.
  • Open the Lekh Editor from the Confluence page. From the top left menu, you will get the option to import diagrams from the Lekh Cloud. This may ask you to sign into the Lekh Cloud account if you are not already signed into that browser.
  • Please note that once you import, the diagram is copied to the Confluence cloud from the Lekh Cloud. Further changes in the diagrams in the Lekh Cloud will not be reflected in the confluence page. If you further edit diagrams in Lekh Cloud, you will have to import again.
  • There is also an option in the top left menu to copy the diagrams of the Confluence page into the Lekh Cloud.

I have a feature request / I want to see a demo

Please reach out to us at info@lekhapp.com We are constantly evolving and will be happy hear from you.