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Lekh Board is an intelligent collaborative whiteboard. Multiple users can collaborate on Lekh Board in real time from different places. Lekh Board has an intelligent mode which recognizes your rough drawing and converts them to regular shapes like rectangles, circles etc.

This document guides you through the features of the Lekh Board. For Lekh Diagram app, please check in-app help. However the smart mode drawing recognition feature which is described here is also applicable to Lekh Diagram.

User Interface

Once you open a Lekh Board session the Lekh Board appears as two interfaces depending on the screen size.The menu appears on the left sidebar for large screens, and for the small screens, it appears on the bottom of the screen. By default the Lekh Board opens in smart draw mode.

In Large Screens

large screens

In small screen

small screens


If you are using Lekh Board on touch devices, then you can use the touch gestures to interact with Lekh Board canvas. Following gestures are supported by the Lekh Board. These gestures are also applicable if you are using a trackpad.

  • Drag single finger to draw on screen.
  • Drag two fingers to scroll the canvas.
  • Pinch zoom gesture to zoom the canvas.
  • Double tap to add text on shapes or empty areas.
  • Single tap on shapes to select a shape on selection and smart draw mode.
  • Two fingers tap to open a context menu.

If you are using a mouse then you can perform the above actions using the mouse except the multi touch gestures i.e. two finger drag and pinch zoom. However you can use mouse to -

  • Scroll the canvas using mouse scroll wheel.
  • Zoom the canvas using control key + mouse scroll wheel.
  • Right click to open the context men.

Dropdown Menu

Click on the Hamburger button ((displayed as ≡) on the top left corner to access options like sharing your whiteboard, export, etc. The menu has following options:

  • Share board - this pops up a dialog with a shareable link which you can share with other users to collaborate in real time.
  • Export - to export the board to various formats like JPG, PNG etc.
  • Show grid - hide/show grid lines on the board.
  • Snap objects - enable/disable snapping of objects with grid lines and other shapes. Snapping helps you to align a shape with other shapes.
  • Contact us - opens contact us page.
  • Feedback - opens a dialog which allows you to type your feedback about Lekh Board and send it to Lekh Board developers. If you have any query, feature request, bug report etc, then please send us a feedback. You can also send us feedback by sending email to info@lekhapp.com.
  • Help - opens this help page.
dashboard parts

Sharing Lekh Board

After you open a Lekh Board session, you can share the URL that appears in your browser to other users. If the other users open the same URL then they can draw on the same board in real time with you.

You can also get the shareable link by using the drop down menu.



If you click the first item in the toolbar, you get two options: Select and Move.


If you choose select mode then you can select a single shape or multiple shapes on the screen and can perform operations like move, delete duplicate and selected shapes.

If you choose move mode, then you can scroll the screen by dragging the mouse on the board. The screen can also be scrolled by dragging two fingers on touch screens or trackpad.


When you share the board with other users, you can use the laser option to show a laser pointer on the board to other users. This is used to point to a specific location on the board. When you are using a mouse or trackpad, then you simply need to move the mouse pointer on the screen to show the laser pointer. On touch screens you need to drag your finger on the screen to show the laser pointer.



You can draw a free hand in this mode. It does not recognize your drawing and keep the same as what you are drawing. You can select Pen widths, dash lines, Pen colour when you click on the Draw Mode icon on the toolbar.


Smart Draw

This mode will recognize your drawings and convert your drawings into regular shapes like rectangles, circles etc. The list of shapes which the Lekh Board can recognize is given later in this document.

In this mode, if you click on a shape then it will select the shape and then you can perform shape specific operations.



You can use the text tool to add text on the board. You can also double click in select/draw/smart draw mode to add text anywhere on the board.



The shapes tool provides a list of shapes which can be drag-dropped onto board. As the smart mode only recognizes the simple shapes, the shapes menu enables the Lekh Board users to add complex shapes onto the board.



To erase a few specific drawings from the board, you can use the erase tool. The shapes can also be deleted by selecting a single shape or multiple shapes and pressing delete key on keyboard or clicking the delete button on the screen.


Erase All

This will erase the whole of the board and will give you a blank board.


Adding shapes

Shapes can be added to board in many ways

  • Drawing a shape in smart draw mode.
  • Using the shortcut keys.
  • Using the context menu.
  • Dragging shapes from shapes menu.

Context menu and shortcut keys

You can open the context menu by right-clicking on the board. The context menu can be opened on touch screens by tapping two fingers on the screen.

The context menu displays the shortcut keys which can be used to perform certains operations.


Shape operations

Resize a shape

Click on a shape to get a square shape box around the corner. Drag from a square to resize the Shape.


Rotate a shape

Click on a shape to get the rotate icon on the left side top corner. Using the rotate icon, you can rotate your Shape to any degrees.


Grouping shapes

To group shapes, choose the select tool from the toolbar and select more than one shape. After selecting, shape specific menus will appear on the top of the selected shapes. From these menus, click the group button to group selected shapes.


To ungroup the grouped shapes, select the grouped shapes and then from the shape specific menu, click the ungroup button.


Shape specific options

There are several custom options for shapes depending on the shape type. Click on a shape to get the options.

Rectangle – You can convert your rectangle into a rounded rectangle using the curve edge icon. To get the perfect square, click on the square icon.


Triangle – Click on the triangle icon to convert your triangle into an equilateral triangle


Ellipse – Click on the circle icon to covert your ellipse to a circle


Moving vertices and control points.

Select a line, polyline, curve or polygon by clicking on it. After it gets selected then there will be a solid circle at the vertices. Click at the solid circle, then a dashed rectangle will appear.


Move this dashed rectangle to move vertices or the control points.


Shape Recognition

The Lekh Board smart draw mode can recognize basic shapes. These shapes are:

  • Line
  • Poly line of any shape and number of sizes
  • Polygons (triangle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon)
  • Circle
  • Ellipse
  • Curve line of any shape and directions
  • Star shape
  • Arrow

Drawing lines and polylines

Lines and polylines can be drawn using a single stroke of drawing or each line separately. You can also draw using multiple strokes of drawing. You can draw a line and then draw another line starting from the end of the previous drawing. The Lekh Board will extend the existing lines with your new drawings.


Drawing polygons

Polygons can be drawn using a single stroke of drawing or each line separately. For the single stroke of drawing, start from a corner of the polygon and then finish your drawing to that corner.

For multiple strokes of drawing, you can keep drawing each side separately till you complete your polygon.



Drawing circles and ellipses

Circles and ellipses can be drawn using a single stroke of drawing or two strokes of drawings.


Drawing curve lines

You can draw curve lines in any direction. The Lekh Board will recognize your curve drawings.


Drawing star shape

Draw the star shape as following, the Lekh Board will recognize


Drawing arrows

Draw two parallel lines and then make a cap at the end.


Drawing connection arrows

You can draw and erase arrows at the end of lines, polylines, curves, connection lines and curve connections.



Lekh Board supports connecting two shapes by lines of curve lines. For line line connection, it can be either one line or set of vertical and horizontal lines. The connections can have zero or more texts anywhere on the connection.

Connection recognition

You can draw the connection whatever way you want and the Lekh Board will recognize the connections. Like shapes drawing, you can draw connections using a single stroke of drawing or using multiple strokes of drawing.



Re-shaping connections

Select a connection (line or curve) by clicking on it. After the connection is selected, small squares will appear over the connection. You can drag these squares to reshape the connection.


Adding text on a connection

Double click anywhere on the connection, a text edit box will appear. Add the desired text there.


Moving text on a connection

Select a connection by clicking on it. Then drag the text along the connection line, then the text will move along the connection line or curve. Please note that you need to keep the mouse cursor near the center of the text that you want to move.