What is the difference between Lekh Board and Lekh Diagram?

Lekh Board is an online collaborative whiteboard while the Lekh Diagram is an offline diagramming app. Both are built using the same core technology.

What are the shapes recognized?

We recognize lines, polylines, polygons, circles, ellipses, stars, arrows, connection lines, curve lines. If you need more complicated shapes, please drag from the Shape Library menu. Please watch our help videos or check the help page for more detail.

Do you have a paid version of Lekh Board and what is the pricing?

Currently not. We are working on it. Once we have a paid version then we will decide on the pricing.

Can the Lekh Board recognize hand writings?


What can I do with a lekh file exported from the Lekh Board? Can I import it back into the Lekh Board?

You can open this file in the Lekh Diagram app and edit. We are currently working on importing a lekh file back into Lekh Board.

Do you have a native iOS/Android app for Lekh Board?

Not yet. We are working on it. However the Lekh Diagram is a native app for iOS and Android. Using the Lekh Diagram, you can create diagrams but there is no real time collaboration feature in the Lekh Diagram app.

I have a feature request.

Please send us email at info@lekhapp.com

My question is not listed here.

Please ask your questions by sending email to info@lekhapp.com